Pelicraft SMP

Season 7 beginning December 1st!

Server Status:

Frequently asked questions Everything you need to know about the Pelicraft SMP
— How do I join the Pelicraft SMP?
To join the SMP we would recommend joining the discord server where all the information is in one place.
— Why should I join Pelicraft SMP
Pelicraft is a warm, vibrant, accepting server that is welcoming to anyone from around the world to join our community. You can play on the server whenever you would like and however you choose. You are welcome to play with or gracious community or even just on your own if you would like. The choice is yours!
— Do I have to play Minecraft to join?
Playing on the SMP is not compulsary to join. You do not have to play if you don't want to as you are welcome to be a part of our discord community. We often host events and games nights where we play other games such as Raft, Among Us, Gartic Phone and many more!
— How long does a season last?
A season will generally last around 6 months. After the SMP starts to die down we will backup the world file and have a complete reset to start from a blank slate. The world file will be available to download if you wish.
— Can I join on Bedrock or Pocket Edition?
At this point in time the Pelicraft SMP is Java only as that is what the majority of our community play on. We may consider crossplay in the distant future but currently it isn't on the cards.